Quilting ImprovisationDescription of Quilting by Improvisation

Now creating quilts with curves, openings or fabric manipulations is easier than you ever dreamed possible! The focus of my new book is to explore innovative methods for both designed and improvisational quiltmaking using concepts taken from my easy Crazy About Curves topstitch technique. 

As with my original topstitch technique (a combination of piecing and appliqué), piecing, construction and stitching are completed on the top surface...allowing total visibility and making projects simpler and more accurate to make whether using or pattern or working improvisationally.  There are no points to match, no seam allowances to measure. Any errors you make are easily corrected for stress-free quilting.

Accompany me on this fun and exciting tour as I teach you freedom in quiltmaking and offer suggestions to explore.  As you journey through Quilting By Improvisation you will:

bullet Begin with a brief review of my Crazy About Curves technique using a simple dancing star teaching pattern.

bullet Spread your wings and use the basic concept of my topstitch technique to create hassle-free “no pattern, no rules” improvisational quilts utilizing a variety of unusual blocks, circles, ovals and more.

bullet Lose yourself in an extensive chapter on color for quilters. Learn how to blend colors in backgrounds, get enough color contrast, attain a luminous effect, achieve a painterly look in your quilts, work with color balance and more.

bullet Take your quilting to a new level by using fabric manipulations for texture and dimension. This chapter explores strips, multi-fabric strips incorporating curves, wrinkling, free-form pleats, tubes, facing patches, facing three-dimensional patches and sheer fabric overlay.

bullet Discover three different methods to incorporate one-of-a-kind openings in your quilts. There are two teaching patterns to guide you as you learn. This chapter also includes applying this technique to your own designs and making latticework and webs of thread, yarn and fabric manipulations to insert in the openings.

bullet Tempt your imagination by using curves, angles, straight and curved wedges, scallops and strips to create improvisational borders.

bullet Learn to splice seams and how painless mitering is with my technique… not only for straight seams, but curved mitered seams as well!

bullet Explore fast and easy finishes for unusual-shaped quilts including the envelope finish, the faux binding and faced finishes to the front and back.

bullet Enjoy looking at 176 pages and 290 photos and illustrations to inspire and guide you on your quest to total freedom in quilting.

Did I mention there is no exact measuring for innovative or template seam allowances with my techniques?  No more 1/4" worries!  This is a very relaxing stress-freeway to quilt. It is also a very forgiving technique. If you make a mistake, often it can be hidden easily. Curves are actually fun to do. It is a simple method, mastered quickly even for a novice.